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I read forums all the time for advice but I never thought I would be one of the posters. I have a one year old daughter. Love her.. my whole heart. Her dad and I have been together for 12 years coming up in December. But we decided to recently move from NY to GA to be closer to our parents that both moved down here . Anywho long story short. It wasnt working out he move 4hrs away.  Now, this was extremely difficult for the 1st week,  butbivhad to stay strong for my baby. I didn't want her to feel how hurt I was.  Fast forward... AF was due on 11/3... the day he left and still havent fully gotten it. Had the very light watery pink blood on 11/9. So I said ok.. its finally coming. Given my irregular periods.. I didnt panic.So the following day just very light pink spotting... Now I'm nervous. But then later  on and 1 negative test... I saw blood come down . Happy yayt! Its really coming. This morning I wake up not as much as I lm use to seeing on a tamp but a fair amount.  Now its 12pm on 11/11. Next ro nothing. 😩😩😩 Dear ..o dear.  Just really needed to vent to the unknown


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