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Thought I was out but not sure?

Hi all,

I definitely thought I was out this month. I have really long cycles between 30-36 days and this month AF came on day 35 (she’s never come on that day before only 30,34 and 36) so I was obviously gutted but picked myself up. Started out pink blood then came on heavy so was pretty confident this was AF, it started to get lighter to where I’d say ‘medium flow’ that lasted until day 3 and then woke up today day 4 and the tampon (tmi I know!!) was only a quarter covered with brown blood, and I’ve not had anything in and I’ve not bleed since. I am always a 5 day bleeder without fail. Any idea what’s going on? Could it be IB that’s just been heavy? One confused gal over here 👈 



  • Do test in a few days as its not unheard for women to mistake implantation as a period and some have said its not how it's always described online as spotting some say it was heavy almost like a period of even just the same.. Although probably more likely to just be a random lighter period fingers cross for you 🤞 xx
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