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Recurrent chemical pregnancies

Hi all, this year I’ve had 2 chemical pregnancies at 4-5 weeks each time. Just cannot seem to get past week 5  :/ my dr has referred me to the local gynaecology/fertility centre for tests to find out why I can’t carry past 4-5 weeks. I was just looking to see if anyone else has ever been in this position and if so were your referred and what was your outcome in the end. Just looking for a little positivity but also realistic outcomes of anyone else who’s had this problem. Thanks in advance for anyone taking the time to share your experiences  :)


  • Hi, I'm so sorry for your losses. You are extremely lucky to be referred after two. I mced 3 times but not consecutive (I got my miracle after first mc) so even with my health issues they wouldnt refer me. Now I'm going through my fourth, 3rd consecutive and I'm hoping to get referral on Monday. I'm the same can get passed 5+2.  Do you have any medical condition you know about? 

    As for a positive part, I somehow got a kid in between all this mess. So I'm sure u will get ur chance too. Hugs
  • @MadDoda I'm
    sorry for yours losses to Hun, I read your recent post :( it’s such a numb feeling at the moment for me that I don’t think it has sunk in. My Drs were pretty good tbh which shocked me a bit. I went Thursday and got my referral letter this morning. I don’t have any underlying issue that I’m aware of. I’ve read online the most common reason for a chemical is low progesterone. Just hope it’s not something major! Also hope I don’t have to wait long for my appointment as I have to call Monday with my reference number ect. Still waiting to actually ‘pass’ this chemical pregnancy physically as it’s not started just yet. Hopefully you can get some sort of referral ASAP now xx
  • I'm glad everything is moving fwd for you, hopefully with of us will get a quick referral. I manage to fight and get progesterone when I started spotting, but by the time I got it in my hands I started to bleed already. I tested this morning it's still positive, planning to retest on Monday to confirm miscarriage (if I passed the tissue). It looks rly bad so I don't have any hopes, it was most likely too late, but I didn't get my usual major cramp and big clot yet. However I bleed heavily with small clots.. 

    Most common cause for mc are chromosomal abnormalities, then is the progesterone, but there are many causes for this. I am pretty sure I know what's up with me, and it makes it even harder that even knowing that I still had to go through so many for someone to care. 

    I'm really happy that u got attention so quickly, I'm sure they find the cause and u will get ur miracle soon enough. 
  • @MadDoda it’s disgusting you had to fight to get the progesterone! Fingers crossed you can get a referral, there’s no way you can go through this again just to be able to get a referral, it’s draining mentally and physically! I can’t believe they haven’t referred you yet! That’s our nhs I supposed though! Thank you! Me and my hubby have saw the referral as a small glimmer of hope which is helping us get through this chemical. Although it doesn’t sound good I’ve got my fingers crossed for you xx
  • They don't approve progesterone as treatment in early pregnancy. It's rly hard to get it. I presented facts backed up by my condition, it happened that I fall into small group of women who may benefit from it, so they agreed to give it only if I take it on my own request not as their recommendation. I met lady in early pregnancy support unit who actually was part of the trial they did the promise trial if u wanna look that up. Since I'm studying this stuff I had constructive conversation with her and only thx to her I got it, gp didn't want to test it it prescribe it. 

    When I fall pregnant I always contact gp to do blood and adjust meds, since she refused testing progesterone I went and did it privatelt. Very well spent 65 quid, coz now I have a period that it was low. 3.8 and they expect 11 for viability. 
  • @MadDoda until we started trying for a baby we had no idea just how much is involved in having a healthy pregnancy! It’s fascinating and heartbreaking at the same time. Get on to yours Drs Monday and don’t leave until you have referral xx
  • Trust me I'm not talking to this useless xxx anymore. I was pushing my dh to start trying coz I was expecting this... I think that's the only reason I manage to get my miracle bboy.

  • @MadDoda it is shit but just look at your beautiful child and remember miracles do happen :) and I’m sure you will get your very own little miracle soon ... that’s after we’ve had very stubborn visits to the Drs. Sending you lots of baby dust xx
  • Hi I hope ur doing OK, I'm getting my referral today. I'm happy it's finally getting looked at. 
  • hi hi Hun, I’m a lot better today than I was yesterday thank you. It hit me like a train yesterday. Hope your ok as can be. Glad you got your referral. I called my local clinic today with my referral details, just got to wait for a appointment now but decided to give trying a rest until my appointment as it’s just too heartbreaking and don’t want to risk another one in case there is something medically wrong x
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