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Just need to vent - feeling hopeless TTC with PCOS and the pill

Starting to feel hopeless that we will ever get pregnant. I have PCOS and was on the pill for this for 13 years.. i feel like both of these things may be factors in our troubles conceiving now.
There's not really a point to this post i'm just feeling so emotional at TTC and emotionally worn out by it. I feel hopeless at the moment and frustrated.
It's hard talking to my husband about it as he thinks we should 'try and stay as positive as we can', which is lovely, but sometimes I just think well a positive attitude has made fuck all difference in the months gone by so it's not going to change anything now. I'm just so fed up today. :(


  • Girl I’m with you
    I have pcos and ammenorhea
    i don’t even ovulate
    doctor has me on metformin

    i always vent to hubby that I’d like something to just come easy for me
    one friggin thing 
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