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TTC but spotting between periods

So I’ve been TTC since Feb last year now (so 10 months), I’m 24 and my husband is 26, we’re both healthy don’t drink/smoke/aren’t overweight, we have everything going for us (supposedly) but it just hasn’t happened yet and I’m worried there is something wrong with me because I bleed between my periods every month. 

It has been happening for years whether I’m on bc or not but it seems to be getting slowly worse. So far I’ve had the following tests to see what’s going on... a 21 day progesterone test which came back as 48 (which is good apparently), a hysteroscopy, full bloods to test for thyroid etc, and swabs to test for STI’s etc, all came back ok. 

Bleeding usually happens on and off from day 16-28ish, and is usually bright red sometimes with a pink or brown tinge. I also get cramps whenever I spot. The last docs appointment I had, she was so rude to me and basically said there was nothing more they could test for and I just had to live with it. Anyway it has really put me off going back again hence turning to the internet :( 

Basically I’m just wondering whether anyone has had the same thing, and either found out what was causing it or went on to have a healthy pregnancy anyway? TIA x 


  • Hi, do u track ur ovulation and how, do you have regular periods, how long and how severe spotting are and if it stops before period or continues until ur period. If it stops how soon after do u get ur period? So sorry drs are not helpful, I have very bad experiences with them too, so I stopped relying on them more than necessary. 
  • I’ve tried tracking my ovulation but I don’t know if I’m doing it right as I’ve never had a positive test, but I have started tracking temps this month and that seems to indicate that I did ovulate. I have pretty regular periods (cycles last from 27-30 days). I usually start spotting around day 15-18 and then apart from the odd day it carries on until I get my period. The bleeding isn’t very heavy, 1 pantyliner a day worth. 

    It’s so annoying isn’t it, I’ve looked into going private but it’s just so expensive! Sorry you’ve had bad experiences with docs too x 
  • Can I see ur chart?
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