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Getting Pregnant with Pcos

Hello Ladies! So I've got Pcos, got diagnosed about 3 years ago. I'm 28 now. Just some history regarding my Pcos, my hormones were so messed up, I once had a strech of 8months with no period, this was before I knew about pcos or that I could have it. I also have the facial hair problem. And got Alot of Cysts. So since finding out about my Pcos and after a few years understanding it properly. I started changing my Diet. Cut out Sugar etc. Today I've lost about 20kgs and I currently weight 70kgs. The Dr also diagnosed me with insulin resistance and put me on 2000mg of Glucophage XR a day. I'm down to 500mg now. I also went on to Qlaira which regulated my period and then after loosing the weight the Dr put me on Yaz. So I've gotten married and thought I'd go to the Gynea and get a Full check up as we planned on getting pregnant in about 6months. Sadly with all the effort I put in, the Dr said my ovaries are still not healed. I have a 3cm cycst on my one ovary accompanied with alot of smaller ones. He found smaller ones on the other ovary aswell. I' The Dr put me on 50mg of Clomid to see how my body reacts to it. And I went off the pill. I took ovulation tests throughout my cycle which were negative each time. I had a blood test on day 21 of my cycle for progrestirone, my levels were 88.5 nmol/L or 27.8 ng/ml. My period is 2 days late. I took a pregnancy test and its negative. I also have an unusual discharge milky white discharge. I haven't seen the Dr yet. But any feedback, information or advice would be so helpful. No one in my family or friend group has Pcos or any fertility problems, it's so hard to talk to them about it. 


  • Hi TashBurr,

    I have PCOS too and it sucks. Congratulations on the weight loss and cutting out sugar! I know how hard that can be. I am trying to severely limit sugar and carbs. Are you taking any supplements? Unfortunately we just don't ovulate every month. You may need a higher dose of clomid, which is something to ask your dr about. 

    The best advice I can give is make sure you are "doing the deed" like every other day, since ovulation is so unpredictable with pcos. Also keep up with the diet and exercise, and maybe look into some supplements that are good for pcos
  • Have you tried metformin? I have Pcos however I am very lucky I have regular periods and I’m sure I ovulate every month as I have positive OPK’s every month. 
    I have 2 children who were conceived with no help. Been ttc #3 since March. I was started on metformin last week to try to help. 
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