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So I've been experiencing a lot of unusual things. First my period was late. I missed 1 month on my period. I figured I was pregnant. Took some HPT and they all came up negative. I had really bad pelvic and lower back pain. I've felt nauseous and just plain sick. I've had two children before this. My youngest is 4. Than yesterday my husband and I had sex. A little later I started spotting and got a little concerned. The spotting was almost like pink discharge. Now today I'm bleed heavily and clotting. This is heavier but not like my period. Please help me.


  • I e also been getting a lot of diarrhea too. 
  • The best thing to do would be to see a dr if you are concerned. There can be many reasons for bleeding between periods but I would get it checked if you are bleeding after sex too. Best to be safe .
  • I had the same as this and I went to a doctor they said I had lost the baby but I’m still getting Signs of a pregnancy now I’m so confused but I’m scared to take a test as I don’t want to go through the pin again 
  • Hi ladies! I am TTC and 2 days late. This is a dollar store test. Does anyone see a very faint line  or am I going crazy? 
  • I see it but opening the casing makes it invalid x
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