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Lost pregnancy??

Found out I was pregnant last Tuesday with a faint positive. Went to hospital last night as had dihorrea throughout day and  cramps and they tested HCG as sure I was having a miscarriage and it was only at 340hcg. I should be over 5 weeks now as last period was 6th December however I did have what I think was a positive ovulation test late in December so could maybe have ovulated late. I just think these numbers seem low for the fact I found out last Tuesday? Any help would be great I have more bloods tomorrow ✨🙏🏽🥺🙏🏽🌈✨


  • It’s not so much the numbers that are the thing you need to look at it’s the doubling time. You should ask for a repeat hcg 48hrs after the first. As you said you may just of ovulated later than you thought x

  • I wouldn’t go by that ^ as I was 4-5 weeks and my hcg was 331 and I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant.. my hcg was low at the start, so I guess it’s different for everyone x
  • Thank you I found out today it’s went up to 1081! Which is great but still need to confirm location as my previous pregnancy was ectopic 😔 scan is on Friday xx
  • Fingers crossed babe x
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