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RH negative producing Rh antibodies

Hi all! New here, trying to help a friend.
My friend and her hubby have been trying for 2nd baby for a year now. They have had all tests and found out the she is RH- and he is RH+. Only problem is she is already producing the RH antibodies so the anti D/RhoGAM shot won’t work. Apparently this condition is very rare.
We can’t find any info on anyone else having discussed this on the internet. She does have a specialist appointment booked but obviously this is stressing her out now. If anyone has any info or can point in a starting direction I would appreciate it very much. Thanks x 


  • I think I'm cases like that pregnancy is monitored more carefully and most likely immunisupressants are used. But it all will depend on baby's blood type. If baby get rh-then there will be no problem at all.

    I'm rh-and my dh I'd rh+ I had anti d shot ofc, but after birth my son was tested and had rh- like me. So there is a chance that there will be no problem at all.
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