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PCOS Disappearing?

Hi! I'm new to this forum. I've never posted before. Lately though I've been having some weird stuff happening and can't find anything on Google about it..

Some back story...I'm 24.  I got married about a year and a half ago and I was taking birth control(I was only on it for 3 months in my whole life). My periods were always regular before birth control. 

A couple months after being married we decided to stop taking bc and ttc. That was august 2018. I had a couple periods but then in December my period was abnormally long so I made an appointment with my dr. Long story short my periods stopped almost altogether and after blood tests and an ultrasound I  was diagnosed with PCOS in may of 2019.

At this point we had pretty much put ttc on hold because I was going months without ovulating. I only got 3 periods throughout the entirety of 2019, that is until October...

Late October I got a period naturally, and then again in late November. And then again late in December! I was also having some spotting between these periods. Now its January and I decided "maybe I should try tracking this month.." A few days ago I got a positive OPK and my bbt went up to 98.1 afterward. So it would seem I'm on track to get another period late this month.

Have any of you heard of or experienced  anything like this? Like temporary PCOS? Or PCOS just going away after a year? Is it possible to have PCOS and get 4 periods fairly regularly in a row??
- Cautiously Optimistic 


  • I am not sure this is the same thing but I will share my story. Approx 6 months before we got married I decided to come of bcp. It wasn't for ttc but more for the fact that I never felt great on them. I always had side effects and after many years taking them I was fed up. Then for the next 6bmonths I had no period. I went to the gp a little confused an he referred me to gynae. Fast forward to gynae and by now I am approx 8nmonths without a cycle, no proper af only a few short days spotting here and there. The took bloods and did a scan.
    Interestingly at the time, my ovaries did show polycystic appearance but my bloods did not reflect someone with the condition. The consultant concluded that I did not have pcos, rather my body was trying to ovulate and regulate itself following coming off the pill. At the time he said approx 1 in 1000 women experience this following stopping the pill. His only solution was to wait a few more months or try a cycle with clomid to induce one cycle an then he was certain my normal cycle would take over. My body had basically got itself tangled hormonely in what it was trying to do. I took the clomid option, although in had to wait for a further appointment. I found out I was pregnant with my first a day or so before that appointment. I knew something was different as about two weeks prior I had loads of ewcm. Given my cycle problems my DH and I decided to try for a baby and just see what happened. At the appointment they scanned me. I think I was about 5 weeks pregnant, the cysts have gone from ovaries and I have had regular cycles since.
    Sorry for the long post. I think the main things are that the blood results need to match pcos for it to be pcos. Ovaries can appear pcos on scan but it might not be pcos if that makes sense. I have stayed away from all hormone based contraception since. 
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