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TTC with metformin

I have 2 children who were conceived naturally and very quickly. My youngest is 3.5 years and we have been ttc since March.. with the odd month off for one reason or another. Anyway I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16, in now 34. I’ve had metformin on and off for years to help relieve Pcos symptoms m. I’ve not taken it for about 5 years. So I’ve been to my Dr and asked to have it to help ttc. She said there is very little if any evidence that it helps women conceive but was happy to prescribe it to me as I have Pcos. So I’ve only been on it a week but I do feel really down about what the dr said. 
I have regular periods and I think I ovulate as I have a positive OPK every month between days 17 and 20 usually. 
Was just looking for some success stories or people who have used it and it’s not worked? 
We plan to try till the end of the year the. May give up. I’m thankful for the 3 healthy girls we have but feel like there is a baby number 3 out there somewhere waiting for us ❤️


  • Metformin gives me up so bad
    it works wonders for others
    and I got excited
    after 2 months of torture the side effects finally wore off
    i took it for a month and stopped
    But the side effects followed me for 2 months after too 
  • HannahBanana17HannahBanana17 Regular
    edited Mar 14, 2020 12:28PM
    Hi 👋 

    I have PCOS and was put on metformin last July by my fertility specialist, I take 500mg x3 times a day. I have been TTC for 23 months now and no sign of a BFP of any sort. I have found that my cycles have shortened whilst using metformin; they were 36-50 days and now they are 30-35. Which I’m really pleased about and I’ve been on a calorie controlled diet and the weight has come off a lot quicker which I think could be because of the metformin. The initial symptoms were gone after 3 months, taking them straight after food was key for me. I had a lap and dye recently which confirmed 1 blocked tube, which probably hasn’t helped my chances. 

    Im hoping to start Clomid soon. I’ve heard that the combination of the 2 drugs can work really well for some people. I’m hopeful.

    Fingers crossed for you x
  • I've been on Metformin for about two 1/2 months now. The side effects are horrible, with that being said though, it isn't the same for everyone so dont be discouraged from trying this route. My cycles were different then they were before kinda odd, I went from 30 - 35 kinda to now 40 or so days. Maybe this is supposed to be my norm? Who knows. But I just tried my first round of letrozole. We shall see how that combo works for me. Also, my doctor said clomid wasnt the best for ladies with PCOS, that letrozole is preferred. As to why I didnt ask. I'd love to know how it's working out for you!! 
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