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On day 116 of cycle

I had my last period October 17th it lasted 7 days. I had sex on the 30th and 31st and throughout November. I felt nauseous throughout November, not eating as much, burning sensation in lower back, twinges in uterus, sparatic pains that made me think I was going to begin menstrual.. but nothing. December pretty much the same thing with headaches, fatigued and frequent urination. I also dreamed I had to urinate and woke up practically peeing myself. Went to the doctor they tested for uti negative. I told them no menses since October 17th and they shrugged it off. I took 3 home pregnancy tests they were negative. January my uterus feels heavy and is swollen, my breasts have become fuller, continuing the twinges, lower back aches, sparatic pains, white discharge and no menses. Went to the doctor again because I had a horrible headache and vomiting. Pregnancy test negative.  Anyone else going through or has gone through this? Tomorrow morning I am going to planned parenthood too see if I can get an ultra sound, some blood work and a exam. 


  • I noticed a few people have read my post.. with no replies I am guessing I am the only one who is experiencing this strange long cycle. I was unable to be seen at planned parenthood since my insurance cards have yet to arrive in the mail. Well it is now 119 days in this cycle. I am now having brown discharge on top of all the other symptoms. No cramps. It doesn't feel like a normal period. Hopefully my body works out whatever strange thing is happening. It is rather frustrating to be the only one this is happening too. Thanks for at least reading. 
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