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Has anyone had any success stories with azoospermia ? 


  • Has anyone’s partner has a mtesse test
  • I have had success . We were TTC for over 3 years. We were told DH had a very low sperm count , motility and mobility. Not only that but I also had adhesions on my tubes . We were going through the care of the fertility team.i had my HSG and was about to have a laparoscopy. My DH had test after test before being told we needed IVF icsi after first needing my laparoscopy for the adhesions and to make matters worse I also had to have a colposcopy and cervical  biopsy for querying cancer after finding precancer cells  so that delayed everything until.the results came back which took three months .luckily I don't have cancer . After practically giving up on trying and excepting it's never going to happen for us we finally received our BFP last Friday . Naturally . Completely unexpected . Just made our first appt with midwife . Very Early days yet but so so happy we have been able to concieve on our own after thinking it would never be possible.  Our advice just relax and enjoy life as it is rather than obsess and stress over it . Because it wasn't until I started relaxing that it finally happened.i took five tests to make sure it was real . Hoping and wishing that everyone else has the same positive results very soon
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