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Faint and negative test

So I took a pregnancy test 02/12/20 because I was late 17 days of my period and my boobs were feeling weird and around there was very sore...I got a faint positive! Today 02/13/20 I took 3 more, just like yesterday 1 of the test has a faint positive(first response) and than the clear blue says “not pregnant” along wit another clear blue which has a fainted plus sign, but I can hardly see the plus... and less than 5 minutes ago I go to the bathroom and I see that there’s blood on the paper after wiping myself...I’m cramping but it is not as bad as it normally is when I get my period and the blood isn’t as much as I get my period...Me and my boyfriend are both confused can someone please help me out...My boobs are tender, fingers are tingling, fatigue, starving even more now!


  • First responses are the more sensitive test than Clearblue, so if your first response is faint then may not show up on a Clearblue yet. Is the blood bright red like a period or more brown? X
  • More like Bright red!
  • Sorry to say sounds more like af, sounds like could of been a chemical pregnancy. I’d wait and see how heavy it gets x
  • Om my pad it’s bright red but when I wipe its dark...Oh man💔
  • Sorry hun :( all you can do is wait and see! Fingers crossed for you 🤞
  • Hi dear , 
    Can you please help me...
    I have normal cycle of 28 days my period come early but never late ... i took first test very early in the morning on 12 dpo with first response and that was very very faint positive then i took second test on 14 dpo that was due date of my period  but i didn't got my periods  and result came with faint line positive but after 2 days i started bleeding with medium flow there is some tissue and clots as well and i have too much pain and cramps , today is second day of bleeding and i took test at 5 am with clear blue and its negative .... don't understand what's happening am i pregnant or not and what should i do next?

  • You should go to the doctors office and see what’s going on...I went two days ago and took pregnancy test and both of them came out negative and not I believe my period is on...Which is so weird because I never have it this early and I was late 19 days!...I’m still confused myself !

  • Hi guys, the lines are faint I’m unsure, could I be pregnant?
  • That’s exactly what I got and I was told that I am not...I would suggest for you to go to the doctors 
  • Mine is same as yours 
  • Doesn’t make any sense to just received my period!
  • Did you get your periods? 
  • Did you take a clear blue test?
  • Yes after 2 days when i got my periods then check again with clear blue and it was negative and in the picture its first response pregnancy test i took this test on my due date of periods
  • Got positive ....started bleeding .. .then got negetive .
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    Then it could be a false positive...So sorry hun💔❤️
  • Try this month again , pray for me 
  • Hi dear 
    Can any one help me is it positive pregnancy test , i mean its not a dark line 
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