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Low FSH and LH levels for age

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Hi everyone. Me and my partner have decided it’s time to try for our second baby 🥰

Basically, In 2018 I donated eggs. After going through tests etc, the consultant said my FSH and LH levels were considerably low for someone of my age (then 28 going in 29) and that I may struggle to conceive again. However, I was able to donate 9 eggs to 2 separate ladies ?? Silver lining!

So fast forward to now, I’m worrying that now we are trying that it may be an upsetting road ahead. I am due to go back to the fertility clinic where I donated to have some scans/tests to look at it again. But I’ve got to wait until 17th April.

I’ve started with ovulation tests. But I’m not sure what my LH levels should be looking like? 

So I guess my question is if there is anyone out there with low LH levels (and or low FSH levels) that managed to conceive with or without help? 

Thanks 😘


  • Hi. I’m new to this. I’m 29 and have low FSH levels. 1st time trying and I have not conceived yet. Been trying for 4 months. My obgyn is a fertility specialist and has put me on clomid and Estradiol. This was my first cycle on it and am 6 dpo. I’ll try and keep you posted how it works out. 
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