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Am I ovulating ?

These always confuse me! I’m trying my hardest to have a baby! We’ve been trying for 2 years! And I always get this result and it never gets different then I have a period! Is this a positive or negative because I honestly think I don’t ovulate :/ help please?! m


  • That's still negative. Try taking 2 a day over an eight day window. One at 2pm and the other at around 7pm. Sometimes u can just speak and miss it x if u are having normal periods the chances are u are ovulating and tbh I wouldn't stress about getting that peak. Just have regular sex from around cycle day 9 to cycle day 19 and that should have your window covered xxx
  • Is this positive or negative test
  • Tara2009 said:
    Is this positive or negative test
    Still negative
  • @ashleynjackson65 have you tried using the premom app to take photos of your strips? It’s really helpful! 
    Also, have you tried bbt? That’s the only way to truly confirm ovulation. Very helpful.
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