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Implantation bleeding (pic in comment)

Hi ladies. 
I am 12 dpo & I had light pink/brown discharge 2 days ago and now I have this brown discharge today when I wiped, Could this be implantation bleeding? I also had a sharp cramping pain in my right side & have had sore breasts for atleast 3 days. Any help is appreciated 


  • I have this as well right now, im 11days DPO and this started at 10 days DPO and looks the same. Do you have any updates? Did it stop after a few days, did u take a pregnancy test?
  • Hey it has stopped I’m pretty sure it was just shedding of the uterus, I haven’t taken a test as I have actually lose a few pounds since this & I know myself I am not, but best of luck to you ❤️
  • OK, good luck - hopefully soon. Mine ended up being was some weird pre-period bleed. I had this for 2 days then my period started. It came early thats why I thought it was implantation I was at 11 DPO. But I had endo surgery 2 months ago so it's probably just regulating slowly :) 
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