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TTC & erratic cycle / LP

I have a couple things I’d like advice on please?

So we’ve officially been TTC for 1 year.

i fell pregnant the very first month we tried in April last year & MC in the May, with no pregnancies since which is breaking my heart every single month.

my cycle seems to be getting more and more erratic as time goes on, before I was TTC I was like clockwork but my cycles have been 50 days one month and 21 days others - has anyone else developed erratic cycles recently seemingly out of nowhere?

My LP is usually 15 days but this month I started spotting on day 8 and was convinced it must be implantation only for a full blown period to start (ovulation confirmed by OPK & CM.. I don’t temp) - so god knows what’s going on!

now that there’s a global pandemic I’m not sure if I can request a gp apmt
has anyone had similar experiences or got any success stories they can share?

Sorry for the rant feel like I just wanted to get it all out 


  • @Asco I’m sorry about your MC and your cycles. I don’t really have any stories to tell you but I have been ttc for almost a year so I would definitely recommend bbt. Although your cycles are a little all over the place it will help you work out if you ovulate and when.
    Maybe start bbt and then once all this is over you can get an app with docs but at least you’ll have some sort of idea by then if you’re ovulating. 
    Ovulation cannot be confirmed by opk. Opk only shows the surge in hormones (LH) as an egg is about to be released, it doesn’t actually confirm an egg was released. 
  • Wow @Asco I could have basically written this myself! I fell pregnant straight away in october- first cycle of trying too then miscarried at 5 weeks in  November . Since then we have been ttc but no joy. I have cycles ranging from 27 days - 39 days, it's so frustrating. I also spot days before my period which is annoying! I want to speak to a dr. I have spoken to a healthcare professional who says still possible to conceive but it just means it's tough to know when ovulating. I also used opk so I know when I am ovulating. Xx
  • @Lucky7188 thanks for responding! It’s comforting to know we’re not alone at least! I think I’m just finished ovulating for this month so here we go again with the TWW - hope you are keeping well & we get out BFPs soon! Xx
  • @SR19 thanks for responding I struggle with the BBT as I have a toddler who likes to wake me at all different times but I might try them again - hope you get your bfp soon xx
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