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Missed miscarriage help

Hi guys ... I am 8.4 weeks pregnant, I had a scan last week that shown a heartbeat and everything was fine. I had a tiny bleed that they believed was a haematoma.  Went for another private scan last night to be told there is now no heartbeat and the sac is collapsing... I have come with the baby inside me knowing it's dead and I dont know what happens now..  could they of made a mistake ?? Will I get a d&c if I dont start bleeding ?thought I would started to miscarry now this is my 5th miscarriage and I've always miscarried naturally and quickly why is this one different ? :( 



  • Doctor must suggest what to do next I'm not expert in this but I'm sure that they have to advice on what to do next as not everyones fetus comes out itself sometimes it requires medical attention because everyones case is different. 
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