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Pregnancy after miscarriage (clomid)

Hiya, just looking for some success stories on clomid pregnancy. I was prescribed clomid and letrozole last August. Took my first cycle in September and fell pregnant. Unfortunately this ending in a missed miscarriage (11 week scan showed no development past 5 week 2 days). Started to take clomid and letrozole again in February. Was a bit disappointed it didn't work first cycle like last time but I have just found out it has worked on the second cycle. I am only 4 week 1 day but terrified of the same happening again. So just wanted to hear some success stories 
Thanks for reading
(I have PCOS and 2 children conceived naturally)


  • Hi, hope you're doing well, I also had my first round of clomid in Feb, I was very lucky to fall preg first round..I went for an ultrasound on Monday which showed a healthy 11 week plus 6 day baby, wriggling around, I'm hoping everything continues to progress nicely, and I hope the same for you too x
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