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Clomid Round 2 - no symptoms 7dpo :(

Hi all - my last cycle on clomid I had every symptom in the book come 1dpo right up until 10dpo when they disappeared and AF came the next day (do I have a short luteal phase??). I was devastated as I had had vvvf positives on several IC but negative FRER (shouldn't have gotten my hopes up I know). Anyway, this cycle I am now 7/8dpo and have zero symptoms. Last month by this point I had such painful boobs and nipples, horrific nightmares, floods of tears every few hours for no reason, veins on my boobs, nausea, increased urination, headaches and exhaustion. But this month nothing! I had a headache for a few hours yesterday (so not nothing nothing I guess) and weirdly a glob of cloudy EWCM yesterday afternoon (don't recall that before!) but last month I just 'felt' pregnant (yeah yeah, load of rubbish I know) and this month just don't feel anything. Has anyone experienced this with Clomid and had their BFP? I'm desperately clutching at straws here... thank you in advance and BBD to us all xoxo


  • Hey, though I've not been on Clomid myself my best friend was (and she is now 4 months pregnant) and she would complain of the awful nausea that she would have taking the tablets and also felt much more emotional. I know that's of very little help, but hopefully it's better than nothing. Good luck on your journey 🤞🤞 xx
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