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Abnormal sperm - how often to BD??

Hi ladies,

Hope you are all well, especially in current circumstances!

I know BD is generally it is every other day in fertile window and then every day during ovulation. But my partner has some problems with his sperm, so do you think it would be beneficial so wait a few days to build up some good quality sperm for ovulation day or is that just completely pointless and ridiculous? 

Or would there be any benefit to BD twice a day during ovulation? 

Please, please, any advice would be so appreciated!

Thank you xxx


  • hi Jammy,

    I hope I can help in a little way with my experience. My oh completed  a SA a last year and his results came back abnormal. The consultant said he had 0.5mil/ml sperm (practically nothing) and both morphology and motility were way below the normal parameters. I think they called it oligoasthenoteratozoospermia (I tried to pronounce it 🤣). Our chances of conceiving naturally were extremely low. We were put forward for icsi IVF due to this and my low AMH. My oh did another SA 3 months later just before we started IVF and his results were incredibly improved. His count was 110ml/ml and other results were over 50%. Which was way above avaarge. My oh was very very pleased (as you can imagine 😂) and the consultant was amazed. In them 3 months he stopped his long hot baths, took Wellman conception, macca root, ubiquinol and cut down on alcohol (poor guy). I wanted to tell you this as I didn't want you to be disheartened. Men produce new sperm every 3 months. His results could be down to him feeling under the weather or even stressed out giving the sample. They say men produce better sperm when they enjoy the process. Little lifestyle changed can also make a massive difference. My oh was pretty down about it for a while, think it hit him more than he ever admitted. Be patient with him and discuss a new sample in a couple of month. Don't give up trying. I haven't 2.5 years in... unfortunately our infertility is down to my ageing ovaries. I would suggest DTD every three days for now as you can still since conceive and gives oh swimmers a good chance. I wish you lots of baby dust. Xx
  • Thank you so so much for your reply, this has made me feel 100 times better! As basically my oh results were same as yours, motility and morphology were really low, think there is only about 2% of normal sperm. So we are in the process of being referred at the moment but I'm hoping something happens naturally before that stage. My oh has been very down about it too. He has been taking the male supplements for a couple of weeks but I think we will give those other supplements tou mentioned a go. He is quite a big drinker so we have both said we are going to majorly cut down on alcohol and try to improve on lifestyle. 

    I'm so glad things improved for your oh, - what an amazing change! I really hope things happen for you soon. 

    Thank you again for your reply, it has given me so much hope and I will pass it on to the oh.

    Lots of baby dust to you too and wish you all the best xxx
  • You're welcome! Good luck and keep us updated. Xx

  • Just to jump in, dh is on some medication that can reduce sperm production to zero, so after 11 months of ttc and no joy, he started taking the tablets below 3 times a day (we researched it before we bought them) and I got pregnant that month. Sadly at my 12 week scan I discovered the baby had died a few weeks before, but dh is back on the tablets again because the month he was taking them was the only month I got pregnant.

    Maybe worth a look too? X
  • @HippieMama4 thank you for the tip! Will definitely look into it. Sorry to hear of your loss. 

    Baby dust to you xx
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