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Ultrasound found sac but negative pregnancy test

Hi all, 
wondering if anyone has had the same thing. 
Went for an ultrasound yesterday to check for pcos. 
Last period was 27/4/2020. Started spotting a week later which lead to doc visit and book in for ultrasound. 
My doc did a pregnancy test to double check prior To the ultrasound which was negative.
Has the ultrasound yesterday and the technician asked me if I could be pregnant? I said no as I had my period and negative preg test in doc office.
ultrasound tech said she could see a sac there that isn’t pcos related and if so would be just under 5 weeks.

Have completed a test this morning and it was negative with FMU. 

Has anyone else had this happen to them with positive pregnancy later on? 

A bit confused and waiting to see my doc again for results 


  • Aw I really feel for you 😿 hope you get more clarity at your next appointment. Just realised this was posted in may, how did u get on?
  • Ended up being adenomyosis cyst. 
    Laparoscopy and d&c helped remove endometriosis near the bowel and also helped remove the pain I was experiencing. 
    Back on the pill for a while til we look at trying. 
  • Sorry to hear that. Wishing you all the luck and fingers crossed for you that you have better luck next time you try. X
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