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Male fertility & exotic cigarettes

Hi all, 

does anyone know anything on Male fertility and smoking weed? We have been ttc for almost a year now with no luck. My OH used to drink heavily but gave up completely almost 2 years ago, however now smokes weed a couple times a day. Is there a link between weed and infertility in males?

thanks! X


  • I believe it slows swimmers down and can lead to unhealthy sperm. Of course some people do fall when their partner is smoking weed but if you’ve been trying to conceive for a year then it could be worth him stopping. Plus in the long term second hand smoke isn’t healthy for you or baby x 
  • @VRob123 thank you for coming back to me. It’s a very touchy subject with my OH as he doesn’t want to get tested at the GP either and I know the inure I suggest giving up smoking weed, he’ll flip 🤣. I’m never around him when he smokes as I can’t stand it so that part wouldn’t be an issue! X
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