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Implantation bleeding

I can’t tell if this is implantation bleeding or not I’ve been having mood swings food aversions and recently started craving sweets I’ve had headaches and pain in my lower abdomen and pain in lower back  . The blood isn’t soaking up my pad but when I go toilet there’s blood .should I take a pregnancy test or wait a few days ?             i also have really heavy periods so this isn’t the same as my usual periods 
help please !


  • You could always take a test to be sure, but to me that looks like period blood :/ I think implantation bleeding is either really light pink or dark brown, but I could be wrong as I haven't experienced it myself. 
  • I do know that once there is clotting, it is period blood. 
  • Did you find out? I’m experiencing the same
  • Hi there, im just jumping on this. I have been using clearblue ovulation tests and today it had a fully solid smiley face i was over the moon but then i went to the toliet and wiped myself and seen blood.. Online it says its normal but its happened all day and i think its my period.. Ill try and add a pic.. Whats peoples thoughts.. Is it possible that i have come on my period that quick? 
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