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Possibly pregnant? Or PCOS?

Hey y’all! Sorry I wasn’t sure which category to put this under. Anywhoo, I am in a pickle. To start off, I was diagnosed with PCOS a while back and it’s made baby-making a little harder on us. However, after a good bit my periods were getting “regular” in their own way. I’d cramp, week later cramp again and then boom period. This month has been...strange. I did my usual cramping, then week later cramped again...but no period. Had the bloat and cramping and felt like it was going to come at any time but nothing. After about 5-6 days of that I got *TMI* this egg-white consistency discharge that had a brownish-pinkish tinge to it and there would also be a very light brown/red something when I wiped. I wore a pad for day, still am, *knowing I would start soon. The day after that weird cm, I started spotting dark brown and had almost a creamy discharge but it still wasn’t a lot at all. I changed my pad for hygiene reasons but honestly 1 pad would’ve sufficed all day. The spotting has been happening for 4 days now. But it keeps lessening up. Still have mild cramps and bloating. Period is around 2ish weeks late now. I got the blood test at my dr this morning so tomorrow I’m supposed to get the results. Anyone have something similar? Just not sure if it’s pregnancy or something crazy with my PCOS. 
Thanks for reading all the rambling and also for any input!

*i will also add I never had this with my first pregnancy. 


  • Hi, im sorry I dont have any advice or have anything similar happen, but I hope you're ok..hopefully you get answers tomorrow,  keep me updated xx
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