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Am I pregnant? Is this normal? First time positive test.

Hiya ladies, 

i’m currently 26 days in to my cycle. I usually start my period between day 26/28 however as me and my partner having been baby dancing around my ovulation I decided to take a test. My digital come back pregnant 1/2 weeks but my first response is very very faint. Is this normal? Does this definitely mean I’m pregnant? Or should I wait and test in a few days? 

This is my first ever time so I’m a little unsure of what to do next!!! 

Thanks xxx


  • Yeh I would say so... Keep testing to see line progression. Should get darker... But doesn't have to get darker every day...but over the days get darker... I hope that makes sense! 
  • Oh wow, I would say yes!! Congrats! If you're still worried, have your doctor do a blood draw over the span of a few days, and if your HCG doubles, then it's a viable pregnancy! 
  • Hiya ladies, just thought I’d update as I’ve been monitoring via pregnancy tests the past few days and it looks like they’re getting stronger each day. Will definitely check with the doctors too as this is my first pregnancy.

    Is it normal to have mild cramping at this stage or is that something I should be worried about?

     Thanks 🥰🥰

  • @mumtobelissy yes mild cramps are very normal at this early stage unless there’s bleeding or you can’t handle the cramps it sounds fine I’m 6+4 and I still have cramps although they do subside abit now :) x
  • Those look like good tests to me! Congrats! 
  • That’s defo a pregnancy congratulations hun x
  • Defo pregnant, massive congratulations and happy/ healthy 9 ‘on the to your xx
  • Congratulations. It's clear positive 
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