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Hello I’m new on this group. I’m 21 years old and not really trying right now as my boyfriend and I have been together for one year. But good luck to those who are trying. I got off my birth control a little over a month ago because my pharmacy said I didn’t have anymore refills till near end of July so I am out of birth control. We have unprotected sex a few times a week. I was due for my period on July 10 and only had pink when I wiped that night, July 11 & 12 I had a normal period. Woke up July 13 and poof it was completely gone... my cycle is usually 5-7 days... I took 2 tests... one came out very faint where you could hardly see the line, the other was plain negative. Should I be concerned or should I take another test later? Please give tips and advice.. thank you


  • I would recommend taking another test in a few days if you are concerned. It may help to try two different brands, too, but I know some people would disagree with me there. If you still get negatives but still find you have no period, your doctor can order blood work to confirm it. A pregnancy is found in blood work much sooner than urine, like as soon as 7 DPO in some cases. I hope you figure it out, keep us updated! 
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