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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone here suffers with fibroids?


  • I do I have two at the top of my uterus they looked to remove but said they weren’t in the way of me getting pregnant, I am now 35wks pregnant and they have grown with the hormones but still not in the way I just have to have growth scans for baby as the midwife can’t measure my bump as usual as she’d be measuring the fibroids too 
  • Aww thank you for responding it means alot. Did you have any bleeding during your pregnancy?x
  • I had a tiny bit of spotting in the first trimester but sorry for tmi it was went I had a poo and literally just the one wipe 😂
  • Aww thank you very much @Metalchick I feel better after speaking to you x

    Ps congratulations on your pregnancy xxx
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