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Waiting on PCOS results, metformin and general advice

Hi everyone, 
So my partner and I are young (22) however we have been discussing ttc. We are worried about infertility in the future as most family members on my side suffer infertility from their mid 20s (hence why we are worried). We feel that we are ready to start trying, we have been together for 8 years. I have been struggling with weight and recently been diagnosed with ovarian cysts. My doctor has expressed she is concerned that I have PCOS and that if my blood tests come back positive she would like to trial me on metformin to help with weight-loss and regulating my period. My doctor has said that there is a very high chance that I may have difficulty having children. I am just wondering if any ladies on here have some advice for me, I would really appreciate your input. Has PCOS affected you ability to fall pregnant? Has metformin helped? A lot of people have had a negative reaction to us expressing we want children, mainly because of our age and that we aren't married yet. A lot of our friends have been supportive. 
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