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Constent bleeding

Sophiekinz123Sophiekinz123 Regular
edited Aug 24, 2020 11:24PM in Conception & fertility problems
I’ve been taking the mini pill for about3 weeks 
I started my period as normal and it just hasn’t stopped 
I’ve been on for nearly 3 weeks now 
I’ve stopped taking the pill hoping that would work but it hasn’t 
has anyone had the same problem?
think I’m gonna phone the doctors in the morning 
I’ve never bled for the long ever 


  • I bled for about 90 days after taking the mini pill. It did not suit my body at all. Hope it settles for you 
  • 90 days bloody ell!!! I’ve phoned the doctor he has said it should eventually stop by itself but if it hasn’t stopped within a week I need to be examined 😕 I hope it stops it’s bloody worrying me 
  • Fingers crossed for you. I had to be examined and they deemed all was well and just to wait . Hope yours settles a lot quicker than mine did . 
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