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HSG experiences and advice.

A little bit of background...i have two children who are 8 and 6 who I conceived 1st month ttc. 
I am now 35 and have been ttc number 3 for 17 months. No bfp yet. 
Due to covid, fertility referrals were severely delayed so I have only just seen the specialist. 
He has advised if there is a problem he feels it is most likely to be a tubal blockage/sluggish tubes problem.
He has referred me for an HSG and said that although it isn't considered a treatment, it does significantly increase the chances of a bfp for up to 3months following. 
Unfortunately although I am in the correct cycle day to have it done this month, they cannot do it due to the covid backlog = frustrating. However they will do it in October if I am not pregnant by then.
Has anyone had a HSG and did it help you conceive?
Do you have any advice for me before the procedure? The specialist did tell me to take some painkillers an hour before.


  • Hi I didn’t find it too painful and I have a low pain threshold, I’m 43 and we were trying for about two years I think I had it done around may last year I got pregnant in the sep but it was a chemical then pregnant again in December and now have a beautiful 2wk old, I do believe it helped even though I didn’t get pregnant within the 3 mths afterwards the thing I had in common with the two time’s I did get pregnant me and oh both had time off work chilled out and just had sex a lot good luck and I hope it helps I know it’s a cliche but I had truly given up and thought it wouldn’t happen for us and then it did I think I was putting too much pressure on us and stressing out although I know it’s easier said than done x
  • @Metalchick thanks for the reply. It's good to know you think it helped you, even outside the 3 month period. It is so hard to relax 17 months in but I  am trying. It has helped that I have now had my appointment in fertility. I feel like I was getting myself worked up about not been seen and my age been against me etc. Now I feel like a weight has been lifted as things are moving on and I will be getting tests and investigations in the next few weeks and months. The HSG is the one I really want. I have heard so many good things about it, even from women who they said their tubes were clear on the day of the HSG, some of them fell pregnant after it, following years of ttc. 
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