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Pregnant on the mini pill!?

 Right so I am one to admit last month I messed up the pill and missed like 4 pills no bleed in August though. Today I  stopped but last 4/5 days had spotting pink deep red and then brown not heavy only when I've wiped. Randomly took a test to just make sure and boom faint pink line mind blown! Wasnt expecting it at all because I have taken the pill for the last 4 weeks the same time everyday! Major head ache on right forehead and back of my next for last week.
Doing a test tomorrow morning to know for sure, has anyone else experienced this? If so whats happened? I am an over thinker anyways sectopic and all the bad things have already crossed my mind rang doctors have an appointment tomorrow to speak to doctor but thats it in limbo land and brain is racing through the what ifs 😅
Do you see the line?


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