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Possible premature menopause?

Hi, I’m 24 and currently been going to the doctors for blood tests ect due to not having a period since I came off the depo injection around 4 years or so ago. 

My doctor suspects a could possibly going through premature menopause. My estrogen  and progesterone levels are next to non existent and my LH level are low to where as my FSH levels are through the roof. 

I’m waiting for a hospital appointment for a ultra sounds to check my ovaries. 

Has anyone else here had a similar experience? I’m really stressing out! 

My doctor has tried me on provera progesterone tableta to try kick start my periods again but I didn’t work. I got one tiny period and then it’s went back to Jon existent again.  


  • Hi there,

    I have PCOS and my hormones were a wreck. A few questions:  Have you looked at your diet? Are you underweight or overweight? Are you sedentary? Over or underweight AND sedentary is even worse for hormones.  Do you workout but overtrain?

    I have dabbled with this herb Vitex over the years and now I am back on it to help balance my hormone levels.  Have you heard of it? If not please look into it, it's a Chinese herb.  It is a slow acting herb and this time I gave it a true try and have been on it for 4 months. I ovulated naturally 2 weeks ago though I could tell the VItex started working within 2 weeks.  It works on the pituitary gland.

    My ovaries were covered in PCOS cysts at one point and the Vitex totally cleared them that is another reason I got back on it. 

    I use the Solaray brand with Anguside it's excellent and the real deal.  A 2 month supply cost me about $13. If you give it a try just be sure to follow the directions despite what google tells you lol.  Your doctor may not know what Vitex is simply because most docs don't work with herbs.
  • Hi thank you for replying! 

    I think that’s what I’ve got a referral for a ultra sounds for, to check my ovaries for cysts so hopefully I get my referral through soon! 

    I would say I’m probably slightly over weight, I’m currently working out regularly and trying to improve my diet however I’ve been having issues with periods even when my I was slimmer and fitter. 

    I haven’t heard of vitex but I’m definitely going to look in to it and maybe give it ago, can’t do any harm at this point. 
    I’m just really hoping it’s not premature menopause as I know there literally nothing I can do if it is that.

    im happy to hear that the vitex seems to be working for you! Keep it up! 
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