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Ttc feeling 😔

Hi we have been ttc but what I’m wandering is it’s been 40 day cycle so far this month still no period I have been taking test more or less every day but haven’t yes and today. I’m just wandering if it’s normal to have a cycle this long also I have had terrible I mean terrible back ache and heartburn. What does this all amount to I’m not testing again until Monday. 


  • Hi, have you been to see your GP? Maybe a blood test might explain things.x
  • My cycles are around 38-43 days. We were trying for almost a year to get pregnant. Started using ovulation tests (cheapy and also the clear blue ones) and got pregnant with them. Depends what your usual cycle is, is 40 days unusual for you? 
    The first signs I was pregnant was incredibly sore boobs but everyone is different. Maybe test again in a few days. Good luck x
  • Hi thanks for replying. My cycles are quite long according to ‘Flo’ my period is due tomorrow I’m already upset just the dreaded show in the morning usually. If not tomorrow I’ll just test Monday. It’s all so stressful xxx
  • I'm TTC also! Good luck! I know it's hard to remain optimistic, some days are just tough but we can do this.   I've been TTC for over 2 years now so boy do I understand.  Soon enough we will be pregnant! I tell myself that every day.   Baby dust to you!!!
  • Your cycles are longer that normal and a common sign of PCOS. Mine use to be between 37-42 days on average. Maybe worth having a chat to your gp about being tested. I agree OPKs can help but can also be stressful. I found temping really helped me. Good luck xxx
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