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So Many Things Happening

Where to begin...I had only 1 depo shot back in may 2019. My period completely went away for the 3 months after the shot and returned immediately the following month and ran on my normal 28 day schedule. Fast forward to may 2020 - my husband and I decided we wanted to try for another baby and nothing has happened as far a pregnancy, just periods. I've read a ton about the depo shot (information on side effects before getting the shot would have been nice to have been advised about) and I know it can take forever to get out of your system. But this month, about 6dpo, I started getting really bad headaches/backaches, pulling/tugging pains in lower abdomen on both sides every day all day (even today), pricking sensations in lower abdomen, some tender spots on my right breast, sore nipples on both, exhaustion, peeing like crazy, increased appetite, white discharge (one day with light pink), really gassy, and some mild chest pain. Yesterday I went to the bathroom and noticed my urine in the toilet was a really bright orangish-pink color and there was a couple droplets on toilet paper that looked of the same watery color. And that was the only time it happened - was normal before and after that. My husband and I had sex last night and after more pulling pains this morning, it seems I might have started my period with the blood of brown and red color w hardly any painful cramps and started a day early. My periods are normally pretty heavy the first 2 or 3 days accompanied by lots of cramping that usually puts me down to rest. I'm really confused bc these have never been any symptoms I've had for pms especially starting 7 days out from my monthly...i most often feel a little cramping the day before my period and then BAM! the day my period starts. The other things I'm perplexed by is the fact that I had all of the pains and feeling when I was pregnant with my daughter - never had and nausea or super sore breasts, mostly lots of headaches and pulling pains in lower abdomen. I really hope someone could give me some insight to what's going on with my body. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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