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Letrozole, pcos, advice needed

Hi, I hope you are all well.

I've been joining a lot of forums lately as I'm need of advice! Not sure how to go about it on here as it is all very new to me lol

I have been ttc for good few years now. I was diagnosed with PCOS from when I was a teenager and I am now 29 years old. I have been married for 5 years and have been trying ever since for a baby. Doctors are telling me to lose weight, I am overweight, I weigh 13 stones exactly and my height is only 5 foot 4 inches. Therefore resulting in a high BMI. I am currently working super hard on weight loss and trying to eat well. Doctors have recently prescribed me with 5mg Letrozole. I have so far had 1 cycle from days 2 to 5 in my menstrual cycle. I am due to start my period today, however I have not yet started. I have been doing HPT however they are negative. 3 days before my period was due I had pain on my left abdominal side and period like cramping but no period. Now I just have to play the waiting game of either thinking and hoping I am pregnant (will do another test in a few days) or waiting for period to arrive, I'm happy either way as I want to continue with round 2 of Letrozole.

If anyone has advice please share I will be very grateful! Anyone taking letrozole? Did it regulate your period? Did you conceive? How late were you in starting your period? My periods are usually between 35-40 days and I normally have a period which lasts 7 days, however with this cycle on letrozole period was for 6 days.

This may have been a long post lol but again new to this. Any advice welcome! Thank you!!! 


  • Hi! I was diagnosed with pcos in June this year. My dr put me on Metformin and I was on that alone since, but last month she added Letrozole since we are actively ttc. The Metformin has regulated my cycle pretty well
     I've had 2 so far (27 and 31 days). I'm due tomorrow for AF, so now its just a waiting game! I did ovulate with Letrozole so it seems to be doing what it should. I have had cramping for a few days and lower back ache. I'm hoping that's a good sign! Are you on Metformin at all? That definitely helped regulate me. 
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