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Clomid Cycle - Ovulation Pain?

Hi everyone! This is my first cycle on clomid. I have PCOS and my doctor prescribed clomid for this cycle. I have been going for my ultrasound and bloodwork regularly but I had a 5 day gap in between (Wednesday to today). I was told last Wednesday that I'm likely to ovulate this weekend. 

I have been feeling a weird soreness and mild crampy feeling on my left side and when I walk, it feels like something is internally swollen.  Is this something anyone else has experienced with clomid or with ovulation in general? The clinic confirmed today after my blood test and ultrasound that I did ovulate but I'm wondering if others have also felt this soreness/pain  and if it took some time to go away? This is my 3rd day feeling this way.

I know it's too hopeful but I really am keeping fingers crossed for this cycle. I go in for my progesterone test in a week and then my hcg test in 2 weeks. Hope this is it.
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