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BFN nausea so confused!

Hello I’m new here! And really looking for other mums TTC to chat to so I don’t feel so alone in this process! 

I’m soooo confused by my body this month! I have no idea what’s going on! 

Last month my cycle started on 1st October.
25th October I started spotting around 10DPO. I thought this could be implantation as my periods are always 28-30 days long usually with spotting starting for one day around day 28, period starting the next day.

Well the spotting was when I wiped for day 25,26 & 27 and watery pink colour.

Day 27 in the evening I started to spot red. So I thought I’m out for sure.

I then had a very strange period. I bled fairly heavily like a usual period for two days then on the third day it started to stop. Which usually my periods last a lot longer and go from heavy to medium to spotting etc before finally stopping. 

I had this very very weird feeling that I was still pregnant despite this bleeding but took pregnancy tests and said negative so told myself to move onto the next cycle and it’s impossible to be pregnant and have a heavy bleed. 

So new cycle starts this month & I am now on cycle day 16. 
The first week after that weird period I was extremely moody and I kept randomly getting acid reflux/heart burn type symptoms.  
the past 7 days I’ve been experiencing nausea that comes and goes just like it did when I was pregnant with my daughter. 

I’ve been to my doctor yesterday because I just don’t know what’s going on! My pregnancy tests are very negative so I feel sure I’m not pregnant especially after that bleed. Maybe my body is playing tricks on me because I want to be pregnant so badly.
All I know is I feel like rubbish! 

Doctor has run bloods so I should get the results today. 

I’ve also run out of ovulation tests so no idea if I’ve ovulated this month but still hoping that we’ve done the deed on the right days.

I guess I’m just wanting to know if anyone else has experienced something like this? 

I’ve read on forums about people not getting a BFP until they got blood tests but I’m sure since I also had the bleed that’s not going to happen to me.

although I am nervous with this nausea that maybe something is wrong.
ive had two chemical pregnancies before I conceived my daughter but I tested positive with both those then went on to miscarry and test negative and never had many symptoms.


  • Hi I'm going through something very similar! 7 days late for AF then light spotting for 2 days! I still 'feel' pregnant with symptoms but not sure if I'm just going crazy! Did you find out the results from your blood test?
  • Any update on either situation? 
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