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Pregnancy confusion

I am 25 years old and I am currently experiencing a lot with regards to knowing if I am pregnant or not I have done several urine and blood test they all came out negative futhermore I did a scan and the doctor said he cannot see anything so as I was looking at the scan I could see something but it's hard to convince people about what I am seeing they say I am not pregnant but I am experiencing movements inside.I have missed my period since July 2020 until now I am confused I don't know what's the step forward I will share my scan and if you do see something like I do please tell me or if you did experience the same situation what did you do to get clarity because the Dr did prescribe me oral contraceptives which I am hesitant to drink because I am not sure what is wrong .can you please give me advice and what you think about the scan


  • Hi @Vicky02! I know this is a normal thing. You’re not crazy! Best advice is to YouTube some similar stories and then make your way to the er if you feel it is necessary. Tell them you got a positive a couple days ago even though you’re period is months late and you are feeling burning in your ovary. I have done this with my second because no one believed me I was pregnant. Just because my hpt was so faint only I could see the positive. They will draw blood, check your cervix to make sure it is closed and do a pelvic ultrasound. Best of luck hun and lots of love ❤️
  • Hi @Nesss24 I will take your advice hopefully I will get help.thanks
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