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How long does a fertility referral take to be seen for first appointment? (UK)

Hey everyone, 

I hope you are all well, firstly thank you for clicking onto my post. Me and my partner have been trying to conceive for 18 cycles, obviously with no success. My Dr has finally referred me on 6th November 2020 (i know this is only a few weeks ago) and i don't expect to hear back anytime soon but im going out of my mind and wondering how long this is going to take to be seen. I suffer a little with anxiety, so its hard to stop worrying and thinking about it all. Has anyone been referred recently and can shed any light? 

thank you , Amy x


  • Hi @Ami612 I do not know exact times but I did not want to read and run. I'm sorry you've been trying for 18 cycles that must be so difficult. It took us 8 and I know I was nearly demented.

    I went to a private consultant and had the blood tests for amh, tsh and initial scans done and my dh had sperm analysis done. This plus consultation cost 480. Pricey but we were seen in 2 wks and it ruled out any major issues and helped keep me sane. 

    A friend of mine was ready to start ivf in March 2020 which was cancelled due to covid and was only called for her treatment again in November due to the covid hold up/back log so I think there is likely to be quite a long wait unfortunately 😔

    Big hugs to you as this ttc is so cruel and difficult at times. But you are not alone xxx
  • When I was referred it was around the same time of year and we had our first appointment in the January but in these covid times I’m guessing it might be longer it could also depend on the trust 
  • @cheesecoleslaw86 Thank you so much for your message, and for not reading and running. Oh golly... I could be in for an even longer journey then... x

    @Metalchick Thank you for your message also. Yeah, im wondering if there will be a back log of all appointments since covid struck :( its so difficult. x
  • It's so tough @Ami612 but this friend found out she was pregnant naturally before the ivf fully started so there is always hope. And your gp can start by doing sperm analysis on partner and some of your bloods like day 3 hormone bloods etc xxx
  • @cheesecoleslaw86 yeh i hope so. The negative tests and the arrival of AF is a really painful one. I try to stay positive but this month im feeling totally defeated. I actually had my bloods done back in July and my partner had his sperm analysis completed in October. We were referred to the fertility clinic on 6th November but havent heard anything (i know its too soon). This journey just seems like it will never come to an end. Although if we do eventually get our bundle of joy im sure they will 100% worth the pain and wait. xxxxx 
  • Aww that's good you've had bloods and sperm analysis done. It's such a difficult journey 😔 it is all consuming! So many people struggle but sadly it is not talked about it enough.

    Hopefully you hear something soon, even a letter to advise of how much of a wait there is xx
  • It is tough I was referred had loads of tests I was unfortunately too old to get ivf on the nhs I’m 43 now but luckily fell pregnant naturally later that year I had a chemical in September then got pregnant again in December and now have a gorgeous 14wk old baby girl 
  • @Ami612 have you heard anything back yet. 
    We have the same situation here, TTC 14 mths, had bloods and sperm analysis done, GP has referred but heard nothing yet...have you?
    Wondering whether to set a deadling with OH and say if we get to X month we'll go for a private consult, i don't want to wait too long.  Also as we have a 4 year old we won't qualify for IVF on the NHS, so I'm wondering if we're just delaying it by not going private straight away?  Anyone have any advice?
    I'm finding it especially difficult as I'm 3 days late this cycle but got a BFN this morning 😔 I had bloods showing I'd ovulated in a previous cycle but do have these long cycles every 4th cycle (or something like that) anyone any idea why that might happen? 

    Sorry for the long post. Xx
  • @_Abby_ I'm sorry you are going through this. If you will not be funded on NHS then there really is no reason to wait. You will have to pay anyway and the wait for NHS is soooo long now because of covid 19 unfortunately 😕 xx
  • @cheesecoleslaw86 thank you.
    The GP told me she wanted to refer us to the fertility team on the nhs but said IVF would have to be private.
    She didn't say why a referral would be a good idea but wanted to do one.

    Any idea if there are other interventions that they would offer if they don't offer IVF? 

    I've tried to find out online more but most websites talk about IVF as there main focus. Xx
  • @_Abby_ no problem. Did your bloods and the sperm analysis come back with issues? I know they can try drugs to stimulate ovulation and regulate cycles if that appears to be an issue. They can also do icsi or iui treatment before attempting ivf, this again is dependent on what the issue may or may not be.

    But this will still take as long to wait on, within NHS and you will still be charged for it. Hopefully if there are any issues it can all be managed the least invasive way possible. But I think I would explore private options as you'll be waiting a long time on NHS xx
  • @cheesecoleslaw86 thanks for thsi info.

    Everything came back as normal. The cycle that my bloods were taken in was a 28 day one though so now I'm confused as this cycle isn't sticking to that i'm now day 32 and no AF.

    Thanks for the names of the other potential options, I didn't know what to look for online.  Would a normal fertility clinic offer these services, so one that advertises IVF mostly, or will I need to find a different type of clinic do you think?
  • @_Abby_ all fertility clinics should offer all of those services. Have a ring around and check out cost and timescales. Good to have options. Also have a good look at the reviews of the clinics as well 😊 xx 
  • Hey @Ami612 I am trying for my 2nd. After a year I told my doctors I had been trying and I was worried about my periods. After 2 blood tests and my partners semen analysis which would have been month 13 they referred me to hospital so that would have been mid October. And I had my first app on Monday. I'm in Scotland.
    Lauren x
  • @Lauren1409 so pleased you had an apt.
    Can i ask with it being ur 2nd child whether they are able to assist with any treatment or if they have told u u will have to go private for any help? 

    I'm trying to establish whether to just go private (but it's pricey ofcourse) or wait for nhs to see if they can do/try anything first.

    Thanks xxx
  • Hi @_Abby_ Im getting an appointment for ultrasound scan and a xray for doing a hsg. I asked about medication and he said we will discuss at next appointment.
    If I wanted ivf I would need to go private xx
  • @Lauren1409 thank you for confirming to me.
    I think i might set a timeframe for us to work towards, i haven't even had a letter to advise of an appointment date, so will perhaps look to 18mths trying, which will give us a little more time to get lucky naturally!

    I do hope it goes well for you, keep us posted on your progress. 

  • When did your docs do a referral? It's quick quick where I am thank god so about 3 months wait. Just got another app through the post today and it's a telephone app in April. I'm hoping the scan and hsg comes through soon too xx
  • @Ami612

    Totally on the same boat, they told me there is a list of two years for NHS funded IVF. I'm in London, I don't know if that plays a role, probably does. But also with Covid, I think the NHS is struggling very much.

    So I'm looking into a clinic abroad, probably Greece or Cyprus that has no waiting lists because, honestly, I don't want to wait another two years. I am already TTC for two years and I am 39. I'm completely devastated with every period by now.
  • I have finally got a date for my first fertility clinic apt (NHS) at the hospital,its in feb and was referred in nov,so 3 months for anyone wanting that sort of info.
    I have been referred by gp with secondary infertility as bloods and partners sperm all indicate everything ok, but not getting pregnant after over a year of trying.

    Has anyone been in this situation and can advise what i should ask/expect during this appointment - I'm already jotting down questions about potential further tests as ive not had anyone check my physical ability to now carry a pregnancy (i have a 4yr old, but so far since trying for a second have had 1 early miscarriage and no other luck since)
    Thanks x
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