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Af 14days late, stomach cramps and backache but bfn

Please help guys. Im 14days late for my period. Haven't used any fertility medication, had 25day cycles past 2months now nothing and im having af cramps daily and backache but bfn. 


  • Can empathise with you, I am 10 days late, BFN but alllll the pregnancy symptoms, full and heavy tender breasts, lower back ache, nausea, fatigue, headaches and mainly no AF! However not sure why or how or where my period is or why I’m still getting negative tests!!!
  • SAME! I’m 20 days late! I’ve had headaches, back aches, super tired, little bits of nausea throughout the day, sensitive to smells. My breasts feel full but they’re not sore or tender. And I’ve been very gassy.. idk what’s going on.. any updates for you ladies???
  • Did you guys have a positive experience after this? Going through similar now and the BFN are soul destroying, aren't they! 

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