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Hormones early pregnancy? Worried about early miscarriage/chem?

Background- 2 healthy boys, 14 miscarriages, supposed to see fertility specialist in January but caught this month. so I am over thinking as I am sure we all do... after getting my hopes up 14 times to be disappointing I cant help it. 
Still early 4 weeks 3 days today ( from last period ) - Sunday 6th December I took 2 tests (purple lids) then took clear blue after 4 hour wee hold and it came up with pregnant 1-2. 
- Tuesday 8th i took another clear blue came up pregnant 2-3 ( over the moon levels were rising ) 
- today's clear blue fmu said pregnant 1-2. WHY!? 
-today also done same sensitivity test as purple lids but couldn't get same brand so pink lid is from tuesday hour and half hold think 4th wee of the day. 

The doctors won't even see me til 6 weeks with covid even with my history and being under specialist. I know i just need to relax and rest assured I am but mentally I can't. Id just like some opinions... other self experiences? I am just looking for abit of reassurance if I am honest.
No bleeding or spotting minor cramps twinges.

Heres the tests.



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