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Successful on metformin

Hi ive been on metformin for 4 weeks now and I was just wondering if people have had success falling pregnant on them? I'm just looking for responses of people who have fell pregnant with them please 


  • Well I was diagnosed with PCOS last year in August. I was prescribed Metformin 500 MG to help regulate my cycles. I started once a day for a couple of weeks because it gave me really bad headaches and upset my stomach. Finally increased to twice a day. I got a positive test this year in May but I miscarried at 8 weeks 😢 my cycles have gotten regular since taking it, I got back to back periods after my miscarriage and after 4 months I decided to try again. Now I’m 20 days late but still no BFP. Metformin works well regarding my cycles but I haven’t gotten my sweet baby yet. Fingers crossed I’m pregnant now just too early to tell.
  • @ThatssSoRavenn did your doctors say you could take 2 a day? Mine hasn't said anything so I've just been following the instructions on the box. I haven't had a period yet, I had slight spotting for 4 days when I first started them but nothing since 

  • Yes it was prescribed to me to take them twice a day but to start with just one because it can be harsh on the stomach at first. It takes a long time to get it in your system to really see results so just be patient with it and be consistent ♥️ 
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