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Round three Letrozole & a week early period

Hey ladies,

My first post! Hope every had a lovely Xmas. 

So this month marks two years of me and my partner TTC. I have a heathy 9yo boy from a previous relationship. 

Following lots of tests for myself and my partner the consultant started me on Letrozole and this is my third round. My periods are usually a minimum of 28 days. Last months was slightly late. This month I’ve started bleeding very lightly yesterday (sorry for TMI but was when I wiped and was bright red in colour) and it’s got heavier this evening so it looks like af has come early which is unusual for me and also really gutting :( I had my 21 PG blood test NYE and due to speak to the consultant Monday as to where we go from here but feeling really confused and deflated. 

Anyone with similar experience? 


  • Just to add also, I got my blood test results back today and my PG level was at 24 which according to the nurse means the Letrozole isn’t working at making me ovulate. I’ve been on a high dose course too. I took a PT this morn too and negative. Waiting to hear back from the consultant Wednesday as to what’s next. Would be great to hear from someone with the same experience as feel like I’m going out of my mind. Everyone around me is getting pregnant except me  :'(
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