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Anyone on the PTU tablets and trying to get pregnant?

I have been hypothyroid from August after giving birth to a girl which we managed to conceive from our material... 😅 Via ivf.
Then we tried for ivf number 2 but my t3 was climbing up and I guess that os why my embryo failed to attach as ended up with a negative test.
I now have been put on the PTU medication and not sure why.... As no one tested me for the Greaves desease antibodies but hey ho...
My question is is there any ladies out there that are trying to conceive a d taking ptu tablets?
Is having a watery discharge-- slimey discharge after ovulation  a side offect or maybe I conceived?
I am holding the straws but I have heard few ladies conceived naturally immediately after a failed ivf.... 

Any experiences of above let me know! ❤️ 
Baby dust to all 🎊🙏💖


  • Hi there, im taking 200mg ptu for last 2 months. I have graves. 5 days ago i have an very faint line on an pregnancy test. Seeing an doc tomorrow to get bloods done.
  • Hi at least good news. May I ask how did you manage to convince your gp to do the Trab antibodies blood test as they seem to be adamant to do this test yet they just placed me on the ptu.... 😅. 
    But good news that you are pregnant!! ❤️ 🎊 Congrats fantastic! . Keep me updated x

  • My specalist had it all organised ... and thank you.
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