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HELP: Experience with low HCG levels in early pregnancy???

Hi there,

I have been TTC for two years, and I have recently begun clinical trials in November with a fertility clinic in an effort to get there since I've only gotten pregnant once, and it ended at only four weeks. Well, I took a pregnancy test at home yesterday, and it was positive! I went for a blood draw to confirm it today, and the nurse said it's "lower than they typically like to see it," as it measures at 31. I guess they typically like to see it at 51 or so at this point, according to the nurse. She says I'm four weeks, but an app I was using tells me I am 3 weeks and 2 days because my last period was December 27th, so I'm wondering if they think I'm further along than I actually am. I did ovulate sooner this cycle; they gave me a trigger shot on day 9 of my cycle, so that puts me about 14 dpo. Did anyone else have an experience like this? Is it pointless to have hope at this point? I go for a second blood draw in two days to see if the numbers have doubled, and I'm so terrified of what will happen if it falls and it doesn't double. 


  • Hey! One of the other chats I'm in someone asked this type of question and someone posted a chart with HcG levels so thought I might be able to help slightly. HcG levels are different for everyone and according to the chart, between 3-4 weeks pregnant (since your last period) serum HcG levels should be between 9-130 and between 4-5 weeks should be between 75-2600. So if you are only 3 weeks and 2 days you could be right on track! :) Unfortunately you'll need to wait for the second blood test to see if the numbers have increased (fingers crossed they have for you) but thought this might help you relax a little until then!
    Best of luck - hope everything goes okay for you! :) x
  • Thank you! Just wanted to update and say it went down from 31 to 15, so I'm having a chemical miscarriage, again. I guess we'll aim for round three, then :/ 
  • Really sorry to hear that! :( take care of yourself x
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