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I know it’s hard to see on camera, it’s a bit darker in person. I took this test yesterday. I’ve taken over a hundred tests with blue dye & ive never even had the slightest of a 2nd line. I do have PCOS so it’s already difficult to conceive. I’m just wondering if this could be a positive or not. My body feels different but idk if that even means anything. I know about evap lines but I’ve never had one before. Opinions please? 


  • Sorry hun I see nothing... When was / is your AF due?
  • Well usually I don’t have my period. I just recently within the last 2 months got put on a medication to start my period. So I can’t say for sure when it will be, I’m sure it’ll be irregular if it comes. My last period ended around January 20th i believe. 
  • Then I think you might be too early to test. The earliest would be 5 days prior to when your AF is due. But even then it's not 100% sure.
    But to calculate your cycle you should use the day your AF started not when it ended. 

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