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Fertility with one fallopian tube?

Hi all,
I had a Hyfosy procedure this morning and one of my fallopian tubes "seems" blocked, the other side after some significant pain and a bit of force has "flushed" nicely.  (They can't confirm with 100% it's blocked as apparantly they can go into spasm when the procedure is painful)
I just wondered if anyone on here has had a similar result from this sort of test, or is aware of only having one working fallopian tube and has been given any further information relating to what your chances are of natural conception with only one fallopian tube? 
Or even better if anyone has conceived with only one working fallopian tube?

Also if anyone is booked for this procedure and want to ask any questions please ask away (the pain i had is apparantly very uncommon so please don't be put it ends when they stop injecting the dye!)
Thanks Abby xxx 😊


  • Hi Abby, I have one good fallopian tube and the other is blocked. I've just given birth to my baby girl after 12 cycles of trying. It only reduces your fertility by 25% as even the egg from the ovary on the blocked side can actually go down the opposite tube 😊 amazing really! Xx
  • Hi Abby,  I pray that your tubes are open and that our story gives you hope. I am 43, husband is 58. I lost my right ovary in July 2019 during a surgery to attempt to remove a growth from my right ovary failed & they had to remove the ovary. We had been TTC since marrying in late 2018. Growth was found during an US to check for any issue during annual gyno exam. It took a while, but we conceived naturally in late February this year. I am currently pregnant 7 weeks  + 2. God bless you in your journey to have children. There is always hope if you fully trust in God.
  • @Char09 sorry thought i already responded!thanks for responding, that is amazing.
    To be completely truthful they though both might be blocked as the dye wasn't showing either as open and the last push lit up the one side, so the fertility team are hoping I'll now get fortunate and they "flushed" it so to speak.
    I have no idea if its always been like that, I've been TTC for 15 months now with one early miscarriage after month 3. I'm wodering if the miscarriage potentially blocked my good tube and the other has always been blocked!

    @ubaka thank you for sharing your positive experience, it is always nice to hear a success story in the face of infertility!

    Fingers crossed the dye flush helps to change my fortune! Xxx
  • @_Abby_ You are welcome. May it give you hope. 
    Let go & let God.
    #What God can not do does not exsist!
  • Hi Abby,

    Fertility at best is the same and at worst slightly reduced with only one tube.

    If you're still quite young, definitely try to conceive naturally for maybe 12 to 18 months, assuming the OH sperm results are great.

    If that fails, IVF will help you skip the fallopian tube issue and your chance's after that are very high (basically normal).


  • Thanks @L0uise were 17mths into our TTC journey for #2.  OH sperm is clear on all points, and my hornmones indicate that I'm ovulating too.
    But i only found out about the tube issue during my hyfosy procedure 2 weeks ago.

    I did have a miscarriage last year in april, and part of me wonders if it did some damage, covid had just become an issue and despite being 8.5wks pregnant at the time of miscarriage the hospital unit refused to offer me a scan to investigate as my tests were negative at 9 i was advised they couldnt GP was so apologetic but nothing could be done at there end either.
    I had pain on the left side with the miscarriage, but i seemed to recover ok so assumed no damage was done...but then 12mths later the hyfosy showed an issue with both sides of which they manage to flush through the left side, so who knows!

    I really hope thats all we needed and that we'll naturally conceive as IVF will be our next option and as its for #2 would need to be privately funded. (We're already saving in case!)

    If your also trying to conceive i hope your journey goes smoothly xxx
  • Thanks @_Abby_ fingers crossed it all goes ok for you too! xxx
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