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Miscarriage 5.5 weeks ago.

Hi ladies, 

I miscarried 5.5 weeks ago. I was 12 weeks exactly with blighted ovum. 

I have been having blank hcg tests then some with faints n then blank.  Took a first response yestrday and I felt like if I tilted it I could see a line. Not considering it as a positive but would love it to be as we are ttc. 

I’m just wondering for being 5.5 weeks from my miscarriage would my ovulation stick be like this? I have first response coming in the post. I’m just wondering is there a chance I could be going to ovualate but that would mean another 2.5 wks nearly from period. As it isn’t strong strong. Just kind of confused. 


  • Nireland, sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I had one in April 2021. The info online is difficult to sort through. Basically, you are incredibly fertile after a miscarriage but the health industry says to wait 3 months to try again. Not sure why that is except maybe to make sure everything is gone from the uterus? My gyno checked with an ultrasound and I had a pocket of something inside so she advised me to wait to try again, I assume it was just a bit of blood as I had seen the fetus when it was expelled.
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